Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The best "Non Place" ever!!!

I think I have an addiction, it’s kinda serious one, I’m addicted to airports, if I get in one of them my hands start shaking and my heart beating as a mad. But I don’t want to get over my illness.
Airport are special places to me, I think I might live like Viktor (Tom Hanks) in a terminal, he took up temporary residence at JFK airport in the movie The Terminal. You must watch that film, by the way.
Marc Augé, a French anthropologist, defined places like airports “non places”, referring to places that don’t hold  a specific kind of cultural connotation. They are located outside the city and the official culture, but not for that reason they aren’t cultural.
They are full of culture, I’d better say full of cultures, there’s a world in one place with thousand stories, thousand faces, thousand reasons to travel. My favorite sport over there is people watching, I’ve always seen happiness in their faces because of the upcoming trip or because they are meeting up with their relatives or friends, maybe after a while. I love fancying  about other people’s lives, I’m a quirky girl I know, but if I find myself in a terminal with people from China, Singapore and Tokyo I can’t stop my imagination from  running wild. 

From left: Milan airport, Manchester airport and Bangkok airport 

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