Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Eating in India

Indian cuisine embraces a wide variety of regional cuisine, each one is an explosion of flavors.
Eating in India in a completely different culinary experience in comparison with Indian food eaten out of its borders. Everything is strong, full of colors and spices, a burst in your mouth, but if it’s your first time in India you’ll need to get used with it, afterwards you’ll end up loving it!
Food is religion in India, you should respect some basic rules once you get over there in order to respect the dwellers and their culture, so remember to use the right hand while eating because the left hand is believed  unclean and impure. You won’t eat beef because the cow is considered sacred by Hindus.
As many food are best enjoyed without any cutlery, Indians tend to eat without any fork or knife, but if you don’t fancy it every restaurant is provided with cutlery.  

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